Starting as a Content Creator? 6 Platforms to Build an Audience

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5 min readJan 17, 2024

Ready to unleash your thoughts, research, or tutorials upon the world? Fantastic choice! You’re stepping into the content creation space, and guess what?

You’re not alone — there are 2 million creators out there doing their thing globally. It’s like joining the coolest club, but instead of secret handshakes, we’ve got hashtags and pixels.

Now, let’s talk numbers. The creator economy is no small fry; it’s a whopping $100 billion! That’s a lot of zeros, and it means there’s a piece of that digital pie waiting for you.

The catch? Consistency is the key. Build that brand like you’re crafting a masterpiece sandwich — layer by layer.

Now, if you’re a newbie, you’re probably rocking a brain full of questions. “Where do I create and host my content?” “Can I turn my passion into cold, hard cash?” “And when the moolah starts flowing, do I ditch the 9–5 grind for a full-time content creator life?”

Take a chill pill; we’ve got your back!

In this post, we’re spilling the tea on the best content creator platforms regarding audience acquisition. We’ll also dish out the pros and cons of each platform and throw in some savvy tips on how to pair them up for that sweet, sweet moolah.

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What Does a Content Creator Do?

Ever wondered who’s behind the magic of those addictive social media posts, quirky images, or jaw-dropping videos?

A content creator is the wizard behind user-generated content that dazzles on social media — be it text, images, videos, or some mystical blend.

These digital maestros keep the internet buzzing, whether conjuring up a personal blog, crafting TikTok wonders, or weaving knowledge spells on Reddit.

But hold on to your hats because being a “content creator” is not just a fancy term — it’s a job title! Yep, you heard it right.

With the alchemy of content monetization, you can turn your passion into gold, be it a side hustle, a career, or even a digital empire!

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6 Best Content Creator Platforms for Audience-Building

These platforms have been crucial in shaping content creation and influencer marketing. Yet, not every platform is a one-size-fits-all solution for your content, audience, and monetization goals.

That’s why delving into a comprehensive research journey is essential to unveil the perfect platform tailored to your needs and the strategies required for success. Intrigued?

Let’s explore!

1. YouTube

YouTube stands out as a powerhouse for content creators, offering a space for both short and long videos. With over 2.7 billion users and one billion hours of content watched daily, it’s a giant in the social media landscape.

The platform’s search engine functionality ensures that well-optimized videos continue to attract organic traffic long after posting.


  • Long-lasting search engine traffic
  • Billions of engaged users
  • Subscribers can receive notifications for new content


  • Intense competition, with 500 hours of video uploaded per minute
  • Monetization challenges requiring substantial views

Recommended for: Video creators, podcasters, musicians, entertainers, commentators, and teachers.

Tips for success: Choose a clear niche, optimize posts with keywords, and enjoy the limitless possibilities.

2. Instagram

Instagram, known for its visual appeal, is not just for images but excels in short-form video content through Reels. While some accounts showcase the lives of the rich and famous, many creators contribute diverse content, from handmade art to fitness transformations.


  • Audience-building capability
  • Strong visual component
  • IGTV algorithm exposes videos to a broader audience


  • Data protection concerns (Meta ownership)
  • Challenges redirecting users to external links

Recommended for: Creators with a strong visual component to their work.

Tips for success: Leverage the visual appeal, but be mindful of limitations in external link sharing.

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3. TikTok

TikTok, the new kid on the block, specializes in viral short-form videos. Boasting a generous algorithm and a massive audience, TikTok is ideal for creators who can maintain a high content output.


  • Huge audiences and a creative-friendly algorithm
  • Fun platforms with creative editing features


  • Demands constant posting for audience growth
  • More monetization challenges than YouTube

Recommended for: Video creators, entertainers, comedians, performers, motivational speakers, and instructors.

Tips for success: Embrace creativity, post frequently, and enjoy the platform’s vibrant community.

4. Twitter

Twitter, although not the newest, remains a powerful platform for creators focused on short text and idea-sharing.

With 528.3 million monetizable monthly active users, it’s a hub for those who prefer text-based content and thrive on sharing ideas.

It has now included newer features, including Twitter space for live audio conversations, exclusive followers group, and video reaction to tweets, among others.


  • Easy-to-use platform
  • Low-tech, text-based approach
  • Ideal for sharing ideas


  • Monetization challenges
  • Short-form content limitations for free plan
  • Posts have a short lifespan

Recommended for: Thought leaders, industry leaders, and people with insightful content.

Tips for success: Embrace the simplicity, focus on text-based content, and leverage the platform for sharing impactful ideas.

5. Medium

Medium caters to bloggers, providing a platform for writers to reach a wider audience. While it offers an existing audience for your work and some limited monetization options, competition among writers can be intense.


  • Built-in audience
  • Easily shareable with likes and comments
  • Visible ”follow” button for followers’ acquisition


Recommended for: Writers and bloggers seeking a platform to showcase their work.

Tips for success: Leverage the built-in audience, focus on shareable content, and explore limited monetization options.

6. LinkedIn

LinkedIn, initially a professional networking site, has evolved into a space for content creators, particularly those focused on career development, personal growth, and entrepreneurship.


  • Professional audience seeking meaningful conversations
  • Various options for post-creation
  • Requires less frequent posting compared to other platforms


  • Limited monetization options
  • Challenges with groups activities and course creation

Recommended for: Creators discussing professional life, career development, equity, diversity, and related topics.

Tips for success: Engage in meaningful conversations, explore various post types, and maintain a consistent posting schedule.

Pairing Content Creators Platforms to Make Money

If you’re aiming for both monetary gains and a deeper connection with your audience, consider pairing your primary content platform with others. In addition, combining audience-based platforms with your own, such as a website or landing page, opens up additional avenues for engagement and monetization.

No matter where you are in your content creation journey, the team at Trendupp Africa is here to support you with valuable blog tips and insights. Follow us on our social media platforms @thisistrendupp for continuous guidance and inspiration.

Remember, the content creation world is broad, and success comes with dedication, creativity, and strategic planning.

Happy creating!



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