Picking Content Creation Platforms? 4 Things To Consider

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3 min readJan 17, 2024

Are you overwhelmed by the plethora of content creation platforms available? It’s a common struggle, and creators often find themselves in analysis paralysis, spending months researching and feeling daunted by the sheer number of options.

However, we’ll tell you upfront to resist the urge to know everything before you start. Embrace the learning journey ahead!

In the beginning, many content creators feel the pressure to be omnipresent — posting on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook all at once.

But here’s a reality check: you can’t do it all. Those influencers seemingly managing and actively posting on every platform likely have teams supporting them. The key is to choose one or two platforms and channel your energy into mastering them.

If you’re grappling with selecting the right platform for your content, here are some questions to guide you:

What Do You Enjoy Creating?

This may seem like the first step to climb in your journey. What lights up your creative spark? If you enjoy making videos, Twitter might not be your ideal playground. Identify which platform aligns with the type of content you love to create.

But don’t stop there — consider your niche. It’s downright encouraged to carve out your space.

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So, instead of a broad approach like “productivity for everyone,” try narrowing it down to something like “productivity for college students exploring time planning for the first time.”

Choosing a niche helps you define your audience and their needs.

Why the niche, you ask? Well, it’s a golden ticket to clarity. Know exactly who you’re serving and what they’re craving. It’s not just about creating but creating a community that vibes with your unique style.

What Do You Want?

Now, let’s dream a little! What’s the grand finale you envision for this content-creator journey? Do you aspire to land a brand contract, amass a million followers, or cultivate a small community passionate about dogs?

As you step into this exciting journey, having an honest heart-to-heart with yourself about your deepest desires is crucial.

In the online world full of distractions and shiny objects, it’s easy to fall into cycles of posting or chasing likes without a clear purpose. Then, two years later, you’re left with a hefty follower count but nothing substantial to show for it.

Your aspirations might evolve, and that’s perfectly normal. So, make it a habit to revisit this question regularly.

Where Does Your Audience Hang Out?

Identify your audience’s hangout spots. LinkedIn might be more suitable for business-oriented content than Facebook as the latter speaks to older B2C audiences. If you’re targeting Gen Z, platforms like TikTok or YouTube could be more effective than Facebook.

Therefore, meet your audience where they are to maximize engagement.

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Which Will Let You Monetize?

Monetization is a crucial aspect that creators often realize after investing time in someone else’s platform. While garnering views and likes is fantastic, making money from your content is even better. Understand which platform offers the best monetization opportunities.

Wrapping up

With these considerations in mind, you have a solid foundation to start your content creation journey, gaining recognition from your audience and brands while reaping financial rewards.

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