5 Ways to Hack the Instagram Reels Algorithm in 2024

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3 min readMay 8, 2024

Getting ahead by knowing how to hack the Instagram Reels algorithm is a game-changer if you plan to expand your presence on Instagram.

With over 2.35 billion Instagram users engaging with reels monthly, this feature has become a powerhouse for creators, influencers, and brands to connect with new audiences and boost engagement.

As the platform gets flooded with more content daily, standing out in the Reels feed and getting noticed is becoming more challenging. But worry not!

We will reveal some proven strategies you can use to explore and hack the Instagram Reels algorithm in 2024, giving your content the edge it needs.

So this post explains how the Reels algorithm works and shares our top hacks to expose your content to a larger audience.

How Instagram Reels Algorithm Work

Have you ever wondered how Instagram Reels decides which videos to show you? Imagine Instagram as a giant library filled with Reels, each vying for your attention. Now, like a super-smart librarian, the algorithm uses machine learning to pick interesting Reels for you.

But how does it know what you like? Well, it is like having a personal assistant who notes down every time you pause, like, comment, or share a Reel. These actions help the algorithm understand your interests and show you more relevant content.

However, some other ranking factors can influence how you successfully hack the Instagram Reels algorithms.

5 Ways to Hack the Instagram Reels Algorithm in 2024

Follow these hacks to boost your Instagram Reels and level up your account:

1. Grab Attention Right Away

You have a few seconds to hook viewers before they scroll past your Reel. So, try these hook strategies to get the algorithm on your side:

  • Start with an interesting fact, statistic, or question.
  • Feature cute animals or babies.
  • Showcase an exciting prop, location or product.
  • Use humor, like telling a joke or doing something silly.
  • Jump on a popular trend or dance challenge.

The more creative and unexpected you start, the better chance you have of grabbing attention.

2. Inform and Entertain

The Reels algorithm likes content that is both educational and entertaining. Therefore, target facts, tips, or behind-the-scenes snippets that inform while keeping viewers engaged through great storytelling. Short, snappy videos and lists work well too.

3. Ride the Trend Wave

Jump on trending sounds, songs, hashtags, and meme formats in your niche. This puts your Reel in front of relevant audiences and gives you a boost while the trend is hot.


  • Trending dance challenges
  • Popular memes
  • Viral sounds
  • Song trends
  • Trending hashtags

Keep an eye on what is trending by checking Reels and hashtags daily and posts at the right times.

4. Engage Your Audience

The algorithm loves Reels that get people talking. Encourage engagement through comments by asking questions or inviting viewers to participate. Ideas that can help you achieve this are:

  • Run a poll or A/B test.
  • Ask for opinions on a controversial topic.
  • Challenge viewers to outdo you in a dance.
  • Pose questions for future content ideas.

5. Re-Share Top Performing Reels

Repurposing already popular Reels into new edits further maximizes your chances for visibility. Take your best standalone clips that received lots of engagement and introduce creative edits like zooming, text, effects, transitions and stickers to make them feel fresh.

Ready to Start Hacking the Reels Algorithm?

As Reels continues evolving in 2024, staying on top of updates and fine-tuning your strategy will be key to creating content that performs.

But with these proven hacks, you can feel confident your Reels stand a strong chance at ranking higher and getting results.



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